MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

MIRAIZUKURI - creating the future

The growing popularity of engineering courses and the increasing demand for qualified engineers are presenting companies with new challenges. Mitsubishi Electric is meeting these needs by offering engineering students the innovative MIRAIZUKURI programme.

MIRAIZUKURI is a long-term collaboration with technical universities in Central and Eastern Europe that aims to educate a new generation of engineers ready to meet the challenges of today's job market.

The word miraizukuri comes from two Japanese terms, mirai meaning future and zukuri meaning build/create. The logo of the miraizukuri programme depicts three Mitsubishi Electric diamonds and a fourth diamond, symbolising the university's students.

Supporting higher education in engineering

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to developing the younger generation of engineers. By working closely with the engineering faculties of technical universities, we ensure high standards of education in industrial automation and robotics. We believe that practical experience and quality education are the key to professional success.

We supply Mitsubishi Electric products to university laboratories
, offering engineering students and future business partners not only the opportunity for practical training, but also introducing them to Mitsubishi Electric's world of advanced technology.

Apprenticeships that open doors to careers

Through apprenticeships on our equipment, young people can gain experience in operating state-of-the-art industrial automation components and industrial robots, while at the same time, if they wish to pursue a career in industrial automation at Mitsubishi Electric, they will be richer in knowledge of working on indigenous equipment.

Providing students with access to Mitsubishi Electric's training module is also important for promoting the brand as student-friendly.

Showroom 4.0

As part of the MIRAIZUKURI program, we host hundreds of students and schoolchildren from across the CEE region at our Showroom 4.0 demonstration center. This is where visitors can see and learn about our e-F@ctory philosophy - which is a response to Industry 4.0 trends.

The center features interactive demonstration stands that will interest anyone interested in industrial automation. A stand with "dancing" robots or a production line will inspire every visitor to our center in a very simple and impressive way. The "Control Room", on the other hand, is a place where everyone can see how important an aspect in today's world is the collection of data, its appropriate selection and analysis in which advanced predictive and preventive systems, Scada systems and tailor-made monitoring solutions help.

All this awaits visitors to our Showroom 4.0 center in Balice near Krakow, to which we warmly invite you.