MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Faster program development time and simplified system installation and setup - these are two of the most basic demands for today's industrial automation solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric developed the MELSOFT concept to achieve these objectives with the help of ingredients like fast access, open variable exchange, project transparency and maximum user-friendliness. The result is an entire family of powerful integrated programming tools that enable you to produce solid programming solutions quickly and reliably.

Software products compatible with Edgecross, an open edge computing domain software platform that enables collaboration between FA and IT. We will contribute to the improvement of production sites with various solutions that utilize production site data.

MaiLab offers a variety of machine learning and statistical analysis methods, including AI features such as deep learning and multiple regression analysis, so that data analysis can be used for various purposes. In addition, no programming is required, making data analysis solutions easy to implement.

MELSEC's many different software products provide solutions for TCO reduction across the engineering environment, for example, by improving design efficiency, shortening debugging time, reducing downtime and data holding.

  • iQ Works - Integrated Engineering Software Suite
  • GX Works
  • MX Component
  • MX Sheet
  • Other Engineering Software Packages

The engineering software helps in reducing TCO by creating the user-friendly engineering environment such as efficiency enhancement in designing and debugging, downtime reduction, and data protection.

MELSOFT MT Works2 supports the entire product development cycle, i.e. parameter settings, motion SFC programming, servo adjustment to debugging for Motion controller.

Tuning, monitoring, diagnostics, reading or writing parameters and test operations can be done easily with the setup software on a personal computer. Free capacity selection software is also available.

Tuning, monitoring, reading/writing of parameters, and test operation can be performed by connecting servo amplifiers to MR Configurator2, maximizing your machine capability.

Delivering a comfortable inverter operating environment, the software can be easily used by a personal computer from inverter setting up to maintenance.

FR Configurator2 software supports inverter programming from startup to maintenance.(It is compatible with the 800 series inverters.)


Design your beautiful screen with simple settings. Want to increase your screen design efficiency? Reuse or create a unique screen? MELSOFT GT Works3 provides ready-to-use sample data and reuses an existing design to decrease your screen creation time. 

MELSOFT GT Works3 improves screen design efficiency and utilizes existing data. Professional designs can be achieved with just a few clicks.

Core to ICONICS’ scalable suite of solutions is its advanced visualization technology to run on any desktop or mobile device, high availability, centralized configuration, and ability to connect to a wide variety of industry standard communication protocols.

MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) - Life-Cycle Engineering, SCADA, HMI, Alarm Management and intelligent reporting solutions that help customers lower their total cost of ownership.

Software for program creation and total engineering support. It supports the whole engineering process from system design, preliminary layout, programming, debugging, simulation, to maintenance and operation. 

RT ToolBox3 is the programming environment for all Mitsubishi Electric robots. It enables users to create programs in minutes using the MELFA BASIC IV, V and VI robot languages (varies depending on the model).

This software allows operators to simply program the MELFA ASISSTA collaborative robot with an intuitive flow-chart programming interface. Operating and programming have never been easier with the digital 3D environment.