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Bezpečnostný rozširovací modul. Systém si vytvoríte celkom jednoducho tak, že bezpečnostný rozširovací modul pripojíte na modul FX5U/FX5UC-CPU.

Safety main module

*: When connecting to FX5UC, FX5-CNV-IFC or FX5-C1PS-5V is required.

Safety expansion module

Safety input expansion module

*1: Set the off delay time in the safety main module.
*2: The built-in program can set the logical path connection method with the safety main module for INPUT A and INPUT B each.
*3: Safety main module is required to connect to the CPU modules.
*4: When connecting to FX5UC, FX5-CNV-IFC or FX5-C1PS-5V is required.


Easily create a system just by connecting a safety extension module.

A safety control system can easily be installed just by connecting a safety main module (FX5-SF-MU4T5) to an FX5U/FX5UC CPU module. This single system can then be used to perform general-purpose control and safety control. Therefore, there is no need for wiring such as the one needed for monitoring the safety status (as is necessary with a safety controller) or the wiring needed between relays when constructing a system with safety relays. Furthermore, the number of safety inputs can be expanded by connecting safety input expansion modules (FX5-SF-8DI4).

Turn the rotary switch to select the built-in program.

Each safety extension module has nine types of built-in programs. To build a safety control system, just use the rotary switch on the front of the module to select the built-in program to run.
This eliminates the need for sequence programs designed for safety control.

Using the Safety Extension Module Configuration Guide to determine the wiring at a glance!

We have prepared the MELSEC iQ-F Series Safety Extension Module Configuration Guide to enable users to use the safety extension module.
This configuration guide is a tool for easily checking the system configuration, settings, and wiring of the safety extension module.